Barley or Wheat?


A teacher friend introduced me to a kind of tea that is made of grilled wheat seeds (i don’t know what it’s called actually). I have never knew about this tea until she told me and asked me to try.

These are the wheat. They are boiled and will result into this tea:

It smells like burnt rice. when we cook rice traditionally in Indonesia, sometimes we overcook it, and there will be rice crust on the bottom of the pan and it will smell like something burning. The tea has the same odor and taste. It’s good and healthy (my friends said).

Then my friend said it’s called barley in english. I’m a little confused. are wheat and barley different?

when i was in kansas (wheat producer), i didn’t know about this tea. And the interesting part is that my friend bought it in a Korean food store 😉

Oh, and guess what, there is corn tea too! but i haven’t tried it. I don’t think i will like it. i don’t even like corn flavored candy, moreover the tea.


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