I Don’t Know Anything!?


This past week was the first week i got back to work at school again after a long break. It was

  • a bit tiring because i had to prepare everything before meeting the students again
  • exciting because i got to meet the students again
  • joyful and grateful because i still have a job
  • surprising and shocking and a bit embarrasing, why? here’s the story…

On wednesday, the first day the students resumed to school again, i taught grade 5.2. As introduction, I asked the students about their holidays. One of them said that he went to “Cimori” in Bandung. I didn’t know that place so i asked what it is. The students already wondered how come i don’t know cimori. well, i said it’s been a long time since i visited Bandung (a city near jakarta), so i don’t know what cimori is. it turns out to be a name of a farm where we can buy fresh milk.

Then i started the lesson, about the Earth. While explaining, one student called Vincent asked me “Miss, do you know about the biggest rock in the world? it’s in Australia. i think it’s called Ayers rock. is it true that it’s the biggest rock ever?”

A bit surprised, i said well, i’ve never heard of it, i’ll check on it. I also said that i think that there are big rocks on other land too.

Guess what vincent said after that? Suddenly, with a loud voice ,a serious looking face and a bit of grumpiness, he said; “Miss, I THINK YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING!”

Stunned, puzzled, and shocked,not angry though, i thought for a second. Oh, dear God, what should i say?

I came up with the words “you’re right, Vincent! I don’t know anything. That’s why i am learning, you are learning, we are learning together. Nobody perfect.”

then he also asked me about a kind of rock he has at home. I said “bring it to school tomorrow so i can check it.”

After classes, i shared it with my senior science teacher friend. She said that that boy is “kurang ajar” (not polite). She also said there is a possibility that vincent is trying to test me with his questions, that’s why i have to be wise. Finally she said that Vincent should say sorry to me. Oh…my…my…

Ok, i was not in peace for the day. I was curious. I checked on Ayers rock in Australia on wikipedia right away. Here it is.

It’s not stated that it’s the biggest rock ever, but it’s big for sure. They mention about Rocky Mountains too, and i also remember seeing pictures of big rocks in Wyoming.

The next day, I went in to Vincent’s class with a smile on my face. Eplaining about some facts of the Earth since none of the students could answer my question on how big the earth is. After that i came to Vincent and asked him; ” now Vincent, do you still think that i don’t know anything?” trying to reconcile with him, i explained; “if i don’t know two or three things, it doesn’t mean that i don’t know anything. it’s not polite for you to say those kinds of thing to your teachers or your friends. there are some things i know that you don’t know. And there are things that i don’t know but you know.”

I really hope that Vincent understand what i was trying to say to him. I am not angry with him. Actually what he said reminding me that i am not perfect. i still need to learn a lot, there are a lot of things out there that i don’t know or  i don’t even care about.

How often we act like Vincent, being so judgemental toward other people without knowing it. I’m also reminded not to be judgemental.

it was like a slap on my face, but i chose to be grateful for what had happened. God always has his own way to talk to His children. i am still learning to be a wise teacher each day of my life…

teaching in a school full of rich kids (literally) is not always easy. They are used to the condition which they can get whatever they want. They have been traveled around the world on their holidays (literally again). They think they know everything. Oh, dear God, i am praying that Your wisdom is be with me all the time and please make me a better teacher everyday.

I wish i have a picture of Vincent, but i don’t have any.

Btw, i know some of you who read my blog are teachers. What would you do if you experienced the same thing like i did?

And for those who doesn’t know “cimori” and Ayers Rock, welcome to the group! We don’t know anything according to what Vincent said … 😉


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  1. Wow.. I really love this story, especially as I’m working as a Teaching Assistant again this semester – which means I will teach students who of course think I don’t know anything, which is probably true.

    I don’t know know what I would say if I were you..lol
    I’m thinking right now. Probably I’ll say:
    Right, Vincent, I don’t know anything…. about these particular places. You’re absolutely right. And probably I know something… about something else. I know a little bit about Wyoming, for example. So do you think each one of us has something that we know, and other things that we don’t? Blah…blah… something like that, MAYBE.

    Or maybe I just stood there, stunned, until somebody rescued me from the class.. LOL

    Thanks for sharing, you’re really a nice teacher!

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