Spiky Fruit


Talking about fruit, durian is one kind of fruit that doesn’t grow in US either. It has thorny skin and it’s very thick. It’s really hard to open it. Now i feel bad for laughing so hard reading my friend’s bolg. She is living in Wyoming now and she found a frozen durian (with the skin) in an international market and bought it. it was reaaly hard for her and her husband to open it, she tried everything ( including electric saw! LOL still making me laugh, sorry mbak Pam ;p ).

Yesterday, i found out that it’s indeed hard to open the fruit. My sister-in-law family is pretty wealthy. Her father has a land full of durian trees and it’s time to harvest. So, yesterday my brother went home with a box full of durians, ripe from the tree! and i got to open one.

Look at those spikes! My niece hurt her finger when she tried to help. Ouch!

Inside it, there is soft meat with big seeds. It’s smelly too. That’s why people don’t like it. My sisters also don’t like it. So i ate it outside the house hahahah.

well, i eat it sometimes, but i am not crazy about it. i can live without it. I love mangoes still 🙂


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  1. So – you hurt your hands trying to open it and it’s smelly … and yet people love it anyway. We’re a strange bunch of creatures with our likes and dislikes. I think we saw a fresh durian at one of the Wichita Asian markets – cut open if I remember correctly – but we didn’t buy any. 🙂

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