After I moved to Jakarta, i’ve been thinking.

Why do I want to live in USA?  I can find anything here in Indonesia. McD, KFC, Burger King, A&W, Pizza, hamburger, hot dog, nachos, starbucks, crocs, GAP, Clarks, everything, you name it. Any kinds of food, any kinds of clothing, any kinds of footware, any kinds of job. The most expensive to the cheapest. You can find all here.

So, why do people want to move to this utopia land of USA? Do they want to have a better live? they can find it on their homeland. Do they want a higher salary? a wider network? more experiences? more friends? or maybe just being outside their home world already making them crazy about living there.

I am wondering about other people from around the world whom I met when I was living on that land. What are they looking for in USA? Why do they want to deal through all the hard process to move there? Even for some people, they choose to be illegaly present in that country.

Well, I think every person has their own reason. I know some definite reasons from my friends. But still beyond those reasons that are outspoken, i believe, there are many reasons hidden inside their heart.

 But as for me, I am still struggling and thinking about my answer. Why do I want to live in USA if i can get anything here and I have my family here.  Am I pursuing for something?

As I enter 2010, I am praying that I can find my answers and doing what God’s want me to do.

Let Thy will be done, not mine.


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  1. Viliya, you raise many interestings. I don’t know why most people want to come to the US. Many of those who are here illegally are here either because there is much political unrest in thier home countries, including capturing family members or even killing them. Or they come looking for work because the economic situation is because they cannot earn enough at home to support their families. Many from Mexico or other Central American countries are here hoping to make enough money to help their families.

    Ann Showalter

  2. Very thoughtful, V.
    I often thought about the same thing and for me, it’s about all the different opportunities that I feel when I’m here. Opportunities for critical thinkings, being in a classroom setting where you get the same opportunities to grow as others, being in the academic environment where you won’t be accepted based on how much money you can pay (they even paid for me to go to school), but really your willingness to learn.

    It’s not that these opportunities are not available in Indonesia, of course, but that’s why I’m here – to see how we in Indonesia can have more of those, and how I may contribute to help creating them, in the future.

    But as you said, He is my creator and the best writer of my life and therefore, His will be done.

  3. I agree with two previous comments. It’s about opportunities.
    I guess KFC, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, are not the main reasons, not the most important aspects. When you think about big picture, you’ll understand that every person has their own ideal big picture, and that’s why everyone has their own destination. As for me, going home is probably my last choice, not until law is fair. Law is just unfair and ridiculous, people are still corrupt. And that’s my why. And probably for some people, this or that why is their reason for going west, to US, because they think it’s the best choice.
    Happy new year! Enjoy Jakarta!

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