My Cars


When i was little, i didn’t have much chance to play with toy cars. I was playing with dolls, house play, kitchen play.

Of course, growing up in the Eastern culture, most parents will let their sons to play cars and their daughters to play dolls. People don’t want their daughter to be boyish by playing cars. And most parents would start to be worried when their sons like to play dolls. 

We will never give a toy car for a birthday present for a girl, nor a doll to a boy.

hm…now that i’m a grown up, i think  what a child plays doesn’t necessarily indicate whether they’re “normal” or not. There is always a possibility that a girl who likes to play cars will someday be a driver, a mechanic, or even a car designer. Who knows? Well, i can’t think of  even one profession for a boy who likes to play dolls … a doctor maybe, i don’t even know.

surprisingly (or maybe not), now i like toy cars. i have a very small collection of them. I don’t know why. I can’t even drive yet.

this one has no tire, but it works

this one has special memory for me since i went to Hesston more than once

well, it can be that i am a kind of person who likes to collect unique / antique things, or it can be because i didn’t paly toy cars much of the time when i was little, or maybe it’s just for fun. Or, because they bring me a lot of memories about my past year.

Still sometimes i will look on some hotwheels when i go out. And i play cars with my youngest nephew (or even by myself), and sometimes i can be his competitors hahaha 🙂

But i don’t think collecting  and playing toy cars making me  a weird person, or am i wrong?

I am still who i am, a real woman, a teacher, and also a girl who likes to play toy cars 😉


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  1. it is usual for people to give “abnormal” label to anything when they are finding it is strange or not usual. they are just generate it from what they saw in daily life.

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