During holidays season, I usually eat a lot! One thing i don’t like about it is that i can gain more weight. Oh, no!

Tonight, on christmas eve, after the service in the church, I and my sister’s family ate on a seafood restaurant. You can imagine all the fat i ate. Fish, squid, clams, etc.

These are only some of the food i ate during this past week.

five kinds of food in one dish

pickles, nuts, and fried vegie

chicken feet dim sum

fried soy bean cake covered with dough+green onion (i like this a lot)

beef meatball soup

ice tea

ok, and this is a drink that i introduced to my niece and my nephew.

It only has less than 5% of alcohol.  My niece was so excited because it was her first alcoholic drink and she asked me whether she would get drunk if she drank it. I just laugh so hard.

There are still a lot of food i ate, oh my…my…. 😉 I even have schedule what i want to eat /drink tommorow. DAWET DUREN, bring it on! ;D


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