There are kinds of hugs:

  1. long-time-no-see hugs
  2. parent-child hugs
  3. friends hugs
  4. lover hugs
  5. comforting hugs
  6. tricky and cheaty hug (like when Judas hugged & kissed Jesus)
  7. and then, good bye hugs

I love hugs! I wish Indonesian people hug more often.

We only hug when we meet again after a long time, many times we only shake hands. If we do hugs, it’s only for the same gender (unless for a couple) and it’s on both sides, right cheek and left cheek.

I like American hugs better, only one side and it’s long enough to feel each other warmth and comfort, to feel that somebody cares for you. And it should be sincere.

I wonder why some children do not like to be hugged. Maybe some of them can read inside the person’s heart whether he/she sincere or not.

One preacher said about why God created human to have skin on their body. His answer was so that people can touch each other, pat each other, and hug each other.

A newborn baby will not live when nobody touches him.

hm… I love hugs. let’s give a big hug to people surround us 🙂


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  1. Mauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu……. hughnya…. (dan selalu jawabmu….. ingat anak istri pak! he he he)
    Tadi ke SDk1 yo….? wah sayang…. enggak mampir di lab compi…. btw Met Natal, Pil!…… Tuhan memberkati in all of your journey!

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