Last Days At School in 2009


Last Thursday was my last day wearing uniform to the school this year. I finished cleaning up my desk, got the books ready to bring home, and enjoyed my first christmas celebration with the teachers in IPEKA international christian school.

Me at my desk.

Eating brunch with some friends in the pantry  🙂

From left to right: Mr.Monang (Bahasa Indonesia/Indonesian language teacher),  Ms. Khan (Character Building teacher, from Philipines),  Ms.Suryani (Mandarin teacher),  Ms.Devi (one of the Vice Principal’s assistants), and meeeeeee ;p

Ms. Suryani is my new good friend at school. We started working in the school on the same day, so we get along well.  Mr.Monang is also a new teacher.  The three of us make “breakfast group”, we often have breakfast together in the canteen, hahahaha.

Guess what my boss gave me for Christmas.

A candy cane!

She distributed to us, one for each teacher. hm…I remember i put it on our dining table at home, but I don’t even know where it is, maybe my nephew ate it hee…hee….hee…….

Then on friday, our students (grade 3-6) had a Christmas performance in Taman Anggrek Mall (one of the big malls in Jakarta).

I was helping to take care of  some of the grade 3 students in the bus. The school provided 4 buses to take the students to the mall.

Taking care of about 250 students was not an easy job. The good thing is that we are organized well. Every bus had PIC and some teachers in it.

I helped them to put on the head decoration. The bus contained a bunch of “African” boys and girls. It was fun.

It’s amazing how people can change. When I was younger, i used to get car sick while travelling. but now, i can walk around in the running bus and putting bandana on the boys’ head without getting any car sickness, hm….

I only could get the picture of the finale performance, because I was busy distributing the souvenirs and chocolates and also guarding some students to go to the restroom.

Finale performance. “Christmas Around the World”

Taking pictures after most of the students have been picked up by their parents.

Subject teachers: Art teacher, Music teacher, Bahasa Indonesia teacher, and Science teacher. We lack of one more science teacher, my senior.

This might be the expression of me missing white christmas hahahaha 😀


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