Old yet Young


I feel old! My oldest nephew was graduated from college last week. he already got his bachelor degree. Of course I am only 5 years and 4 months older than him, but still…

I remember the days when we played together, the days when he was running around naked, still remember how cubby and cute he was.

But looking at him now, he is already a young man! A young man who can drive me around the city, who asked sugesstion what to wear to parties, who shared about his girlfriend, and who is ready for work.

My oldest niece already started to drive a car. Even I myself can’t drive a car yet.

Oh, boy! I feel old! Where are the years when I was starting to walk and talk? I think this the first time I am starting to get worried about wrinkles on my face. I have never thought about that before.

A good friend on facebook told me to get married when I post this on my status. Then i thought what is the connection between getting married and feeling old? Will I not feel old when I get married? ( Sorry Bayu, i know your good will, but….? thanks you for supporting me, my friend)

But yet, I am young. I still have a lot of dreams waiting for me. I still have a lot of places i want to visit. I still like to play with young kids. And I am not even 30 yet! My heart is feeling excited everytime I imagine all the adventures ahead of me.

My years on earth may have gone by so fast, I may get older and older each year, but I have decided to be young in my heart.

no matter how old you are, you can be young in your heart!

Keep rejoicing, keep giving thanks, keep dreaming and hoping, keep believing, and of course always do the best i can 🙂


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