One Sunday Afternoon


I love weekends especially since i have a job now. Sundays (and Saturdays) are my favourite days. I can do a lot of things that i like. Sometimes i also do things that i can’t do on work days.

me and zio

Playing with my youngest nephew who lives next door on one Sunday afternoon.

cuci motor

cuci motor2

Washing the motorcycle that i use everyday.


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  1. I think you are very talented to make it through Jakarta traffic on a motorcycle. The nice thing about a motorcycle is that it doesn’t take as long to wash it as it does to wash a car.
    It’s so good to see your smile!

  2. Ah~How cute you are on your uniform!
    Dear Viliya, I often think of you and the times we had together during the end-year conference. Your courage and independence inspired me a lot. I am thankful for this.
    Merry Christmas and happy new year~ Wish to meet there or here some day.
    Love and hugs, Ling~

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