New Uniform


After two  and a half months wearing white shirt and black skirt, i finally got my uniform (to work at the school)

seragam2 seragam5

On Monday and Thursday I wear blazer and on Tuesday and friday I wear the vest. On Wednesday I can wear clothes besides the uniform (but still it has to be collared shirt and skirt).

seragam1 seragam4

I don’t like wearing blazer, it makes me uncomfortable . I like the vest better.fun1


Having fun with two nieces and one nephew. Look how he tried to make a V (peace) sign with his fingers 🙂 hahahaha

I think he succeded in the picture below. Superman of the house! hahahaha



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  1. i think you look wonderfully professional. if you were here the kids might think you were a “worker.” maybe an airplane pilot or flight attendant? maybe a bus driver?

    and your sweet nephew! he’s adorable.

    it was great to see you and hear your voice. we miss you.

  2. I’d certainly prefer the vest to the blazer! It’s good you have one day to wear what you want (within the guidelines).

    Love the photos of your nieces and nephew. Beautiful children!

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