Messy but Joyful


This week has been a very busy week. and next week too.

I have science projects and science test from 4 classes of third graders that i need to grade. they are all compiled on my desk. These made my desk messy which i am not fond of. I am kind of tidy person.

grading 1

those are the piles of science projects on my desk i need to grade. That was in the morning, then in the afternoon, it’s getting messier hee…hee…hee

grading 2

I can’t even see the bottom of my desk, hahahaha…..

Then, i brought some of those piles home. I wouldn’t be able to finish all of those if i only rely on my work hours at school because i still have more work to do besides grading

work at home 1

That was me working at home.

work at home 2

Zipping a glass of coke, trying to find some refreshment.

Anyway, i don’t feel like to be grumpy, instead i am feeling  joyful. Moreover when i think about the kids at school.  I think God put the joy in my heart in the mids of all the restlessness. I believe God will help me to finish all of my work on time 🙂


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