Science Club


Last week in my science club, we had a fun observation on flowers and hamsters 🙂


This is what happened when i said to my 4th grade students that one of the flowers has sweet nectar in the bottom part of their petals. But actually it’s not this flower on her mouth.

For the 5th graders, I have something cute for them, hamsters. Because there are 4 groups in the science club, so i asked the school to buy 4 hamsters, one for each group. But in addition for that, we still have one offspring from last year hamsters. It is white and different species from the new hamsters s called it Whitey.

My students were very excited, they choose their own hamster and gave them name. Every Friday, they will take turn to bring the hamster home and learn to take care of it. At the end of this semester, I will give it to the students who get the highest scores for Science final test in December.



“Sleeping time, don’t wake me please”.

They are so cute. I took these pictures before the science club started and the hamsters were still in one cage. They are Saborovski hamsters, the most active of all kinds of hamsters and of course they are nocturnal, sleep during the day. They are all males (I asked that way so they won’t breed). This kind of hamster likes to get together with friends, they even sleep together, so cute, so friendly.


“Hello, my name is Hurley, would you be my friend?”


“Hi, my friends in my group call me Speedy because I run so fast and I escaped from my cage when they tried to catch me. I gave some excitement in the science club, some students ran out of the room when they knew I got out from my cage, hee..hee, I also gave miss Vilia a hard time when she wanted to take a picture of me. So I just gave her the right side of my face, but you can take a look on my very tiny feet :)”


“I am Blaster. The students in my group like the G Force movie so they called me blaster.”


“Hola, I am Dash, the cutest of all. Look at me eating popcorn, would you like some?”


“I am Whitey. Don’t be noisy please, i am trying to sleep. i am staying in the science club room since I am very active, curious, and miss vilia thinks I will bite if somebody bothers me.”


“Ah, finally I can sleep after all the kids went home.”

Miss Vilia says; “Honestly I myself do not like hamsters, I’ve never had them as pets, I feel tickely when I see them and they are smelly. But now for the sake of science club, I decided to have them, they are so cute.” 🙂


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  1. Very cool!!! I had hamsters as pets when I was a kid…. they’re great! It sounds like you’re full of creative ways to engage your students in learning! I’m so happy for you!

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