The (Wedding) Ring


I love rings. Most time when i am travelling, i will look for a ring to buy as souvenir. So I bought a silver ring in Estes Park, Colorado when there was an art exhibition there. It is just a simple ring with texture and it’s hand made. I love it and wear it everyday on my right ring finger.

my ring

And now, what i am afraid of is happening.

My co-workers asked me; “How many children do you have?”

“What!” (I shout in my heart) then i said i am not maried yet. then they said; “but you are wearing that ring”. One teacher from Philipines said; ” You shoud wear it on other finger.”   (Ha????)

Next thing happened was my students asked me; ” Have you married, Miss? You are wearing the ring.”

I said no, it’s just a special ring I bought in Colorado.

Argh…..! Never mind. I still love it and wear it. or maybe I should take it off so people, especially men, won’t think that i’m married? …hee..hee…hee :p

Nop, i’m still wearing it 🙂 Maybe when i really get married, I will ask my husband to just buy one ring similar to mine for him so i don’t need to buy a new one for myself, hahahahaha….. my wedding ring… just make me laugh….


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  1. In the U.S. people generally wear their wedding ring on their left hand. But when we first lived in Bosnia, people kept asking us if we were brother and sister or things like that. There people were their wedding ring on their RIGHT hand. So, we switched to our right hands and I’ve never switched back to wearing it on my left hand. It just reminds me of Bosnia.

    • Yes, people in Indonesia wear a wedding ring on RIGHT hand. I’ve just found it out too when my new friend at school told me that she is getting married. She wears the ring on her LEFT hand now as a sign that she is engaged, but after she is married she will move it to her RIGHT hand. I think most Asian people do that. Maybe it’s just different culture.

      Well, as for me now, i don’t care where i put my rings on as long as they fit my fingers and look pretty on my hand hee..hee…too selfish probably 😉

      thanks for all the comments, guys.

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