Traffic Jam


It was late and pouring rain and i was riding my motorbike. Then the next thing happened was that i was stucked in a very heavy traffic jam because of an accident. And of course i forgot to bring my rain coat 😦

So i stopped at some point to drink a glass of hot sweet tea and connect with my bestfriend, while waiting for the rain. I didn’t want to get all my books wet inside my back pack.


Those cars were not moving. and this picture is only a part of the traffic jam. It was a very long one.

So i stooped for the second time, then my sister called me “where are you? do not wait for the rain and the traffic jam! otherwise you will go home at 1 AM”. she was grumpy because she had waited for me to pick her up on the way home.

Arrrgh! so i went. day by day, i’ve learned to deal with the traffic jam here. there is no day without traffic jam. i think i am getting stronger and getting better at this thing.


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