It is called “working”


At this point, my new work is a bit tiring and making me stressful.

I am the science teacher for grade 3 and grade 5 classes. I am not an expert of science, thus I need to study the curriculum. The school uses the curriculum A Beka, a christian curriculum from Florida, USA.


These are two books i’ve been learning these days.

Administrative works are the last thing i like to do, but as a teacher I have my responsibility and i am willing to do it. But then on the last day working before the holidays of Ramadan, my new boss told me that as soon as the school starts again i will be in charge of science club for grade 4 and grade 5.

oh my… my… i can handle teaching science , but leading science experiment in science club?  but there is no way i can say no to this job.  until this point, i still have no idea what to do in grade 4 science club. oh, God, please help me.

Holidays is almost over. the school is starting again on September 30. well, i just believe if God allows me to face all of this, He will provide with what i need 🙂

During these holidays, i am also still working on administrative works and preparing for teaching the next lessons. Thankfully in the mids of those working times, i still can have relaxing moments with my family.


My working spot at home during the holidays.

My work days schedule:

*wake up at 4.45AM

*pray and get ready
*go to school from the house at the latest 6AM (if i go after 6, i will face more traffic)
 *devotional time with fellow teachers at 7 – 7.45 AM
 *work and work at 7.45 – 4 PM/ 4.30Pm (depends on what day) -> we have a lot of devotional time and bible study class after the students go home
 *go home, have my personal devotional time (including give thanks that i made it home safely)
 *pick up my sisters somewhere
 *doing things then go to bed

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  1. What a beautiful blog. You have quite a schedule. It sounds like you work very hard, but I’m so glad you say you will do it.!!! Good for you.
    We are having a Sunday School class again that writes stories, but several of the women are new to the class. I like learning to know others better.
    Two weeks ago we were to have a church picnic at Kevin and Christy’s home. I made dessert to take. When I arrived Christy invited me in and said, Oh are you here to join our small group for dinner? I was so embaffassed. But she and Becky Miller both encouraged me to stay which I did. The church picnic was the next night. I had gotten mixed up. Oh well it worked out well. Then invited me to stay in the group saying, there is nothing that says we can’t be in more than one group. I had a good time.
    Blessings and much joy in your new assignment.

  2. Wow! Your strong faith serves you well as you take on these new tasks. I know how much you love the children and that makes so much difference. I wonder what things you learned from Miss Kristin that you can use in your new setting. Blessings to you as you meet your students each day. -v
    p.s. I love your quotation on the sidebar. So very true.

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