God loves them


God love the little children and i try to do the same. It is special to get to know these children. It is an honor to be their teacher.



the students of grade 3.1


Min Seo (pronounce: meen so), a korean boy in grade 3.1. I am so glad i have a student from korea…..it feels like i connected to SuHa, and of course i like South Korea. oh, he is an active boy, having a tendency to be a leader.



the students of grade 3.2


the students of grade 3.3


James, a cheerful and funny boy in grade 3.3. He has what i like: a winnie the pooh binder book …. :p

I shouldn’t be surprise when i knew the students’ names. it is an international school so the students have international names: james, john, annabele, anastashia, michele, jason, min seo, tirian, etc… i haven’t met a student with real Indonesian name such as Joko or Siti…hahahaha… 😀


grade 3.4

unfortunately I haven’t taken pictures of grade 5. there are 2 classes of them. they are more critical and definitely older than 3rd graders.


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