First Days at Home


After two days of reunion in Salatiga, we had to say goodbye to the SALTers who were flying back to USA. On Saturday, July 19, we drove the SALTers to Semarang airport. Saying goodbye again…

From the airport, an MCC staff drove me to my sister’s house which i called home…

I was so tired and sleepy but happy to meet my mom, EVENTUALLY… 😀 and first thing first, my first meal at home…

Resize of Resize of P1040045 

“Bandeng Bumbu Bali”  (fried fish with chilli seasoning). The tail is my favourite part.

Resize of Resize of P1040046

“Cah Kangkung” (a kind of vegetable i could find in USA or Canada)

Resize of Resize of P1040048

Instant fried noodle my nephew made for me…..he is so sweet! It’s his favourite food.

Resize of Resize of P1040049

Kerupuk….. crunch…crunch…

Resize of Resize of P1040050

Another kerupuk in a plastic bag

Resize of Resize of P1040051

More kerupuk… hee…hee…hee… ;p

Resize of Resize of P1040052  Resize of Resize of P1040053

On Sunday, i didn’t make it to the church in the morning. I was still in jetlag. Then in the afternoon I and my family went to my father’s grave in the cemetery.

Resize of Resize of P1040055

My name is already writen.

Resize of Resize of P1040056

Cleaning the grave from wild grass.

Resize of Resize of P1040059

Resize of Resize of P1040063

My mom’s design : the cross in the middle of the heart.

I was so surprised to see my nephew again. He is big now, taller than me, and has moustache already! oh my…my…

Resize of Resize of P1040078

His name is Yosia. He is in the 8 grade now.

Resize of Resize of P1040079

The other day I visited the school where I worked before I went IVEP. Oh, we were all happy to meet again. Those are the students I taught in the 3rd grade, but now they are already in the 5th grade. They are getting bigger and taller. They all still remember me. How wonderful!

Resize of Resize of P1040081

The drink I couldn’t find in USA. I love it!

last Tuesday, I went to the airport to say goodbye to the YAMENers from Simbabwe who were flying home. I think this was my last goodbye for now. I am getting tired of saying goodbye, it’s better just to say see you again… some time….somewhere….whenever and whereever it is….. just believe!

Resize of Resize of P1040065

Passionate Ncube, YAMENer from Simbabwe to Indonesia. His placement was in my church 🙂

Resize of Resize of P1040075

My NEW BOYFRIEND! his name is Ntutuko Ndlove. He is a great man!

Ha..ha..ha…JUST JOKING! He is also a YAMENer from Simbabwe to Indonesia. We were joking to be a couple, but actually he already has a fiancee in his home and they are getting married in April 2009. I am happy for him. It is so wonderful to have connection with people around the world. We are all good friends in these program 🙂

Me?  NO boyfriend yet….. GOD has the perfect time for me, just believe! Everything has its own time! 🙂


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  1. I miss you. I love you. You look happy with your family. I’m glad you and Ms. Kristen were my teachers. The fish tail looks pretty.

  2. Of course there are multiple photos of krupuk! haha Glad you are getting to enjoy it again. 🙂

    We’re also glad you’re here in Indo again! Looking forward to seeing you soon…


  3. I love that you took so many photos of food! I would like to sample all of it! I’m so glad you treated our family to some Indonesian food. Now I wonder what foods you will miss from KS…

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