Coming Home…eventually…


I and the gang (Indonesian IVEPers) were the last group to go home. The end year conference already ended on Friday. Other ivepers flew home on Saturday. But we had to wait a few more days. We had to fly home on Tuesday, July 14 because MCC Indonesia wanted us to arrive in Indonesia at the same time as YAMENers arrived in Indonesia so we could have our reunion together.

So, we had to see all of our friends leaving, so many goodbyes, a lot of tears. It was tiring for us, so sad. Then we had to wait again. We stayed in Kathryn Deckert’s place. She is IVEP Canada coordinator. The good part of staying longer is that we had the chance to calm down and visit some other places, such as Lake Ontario (the biggest lake in North America, i heard). And the best part for me is that i got to meet an old friend. We haven’t met for 10 years. He was my youth counselor in church in 1998. I was so happy to meet him again and also his wife and their 5-years-old daughter. What a precious moment!

Unfortunately i didn’t bring my camera to the Lake, so no pictures yet. We took pictures with my friend’s camera, need to wait….again….

Indonesia is the biggest group in this program. There were 7 IVEPers, 5 SALTers, and 4 YAMENers (Young Adult Mennonite Exchange Network). I think we are going to be the biggest group again this year.

Resize of Resize of P1040012

Taking picture in front of  Kathryn’s house, just before we left to the airport to fly home to Indonesia. Our last picture in Canada.

Resize of Resize of P1040014

Arrived in Hong Kong 🙂 that is the airplane that took us from Toronto to Hong Kong.

Resize of Resize of P1040023

Resize of Resize of P1040020

Hong Kong airport is very big with big glass windows surrounded the building so we can see the airplanes and the landscape there. It is mountainious.

Resize of Resize of P1040018

It was a surprise for us to meet our friend, Yunarso, a YAMENer from Indonesia to Simbabwe (the man in the picture). We were so happy to meet him there. Our first reunion, lots of story.  He was in the same flight with us from Hong Kong to Jakarta 🙂

We arrived in Jakarta on Wednesday night so MCC arranged a hotel for us to spend the night. And we were supposed to meet Erika, YAMENer from Indonesia to Brazil. We were so happy to meet each other that we slept very late that night. I think it was also because we were still in jetlag. The next morning we flew to Semarang (my home city) 🙂

Resize of Resize of P1040026

The airplane which flew us to Semarang from Jakarta.

Resize of Resize of P1040027

Oh….FINALLY…..I arrived in Semarang! Yeay… 😀

But….I didn’t go home directly. MCC staffs picked us up, then we had lunch together in Indonesian restaurant. After lunch, we directly went to Salatiga (1,5 hours driving from Semarang) to have reunion in MCC office for two days and also to have farewell party for the SALTers and YAMENers.

Resize of Resize of P1040028

My meal in the restaurant. It was a buffet. I think two plates and three bowls…and of course a lot of  “kerupuk” huahahaha…. 😀

Resize of Resize of P1040029

“Kerupuk” (chips/crackers). This one is made of rice, garlic flavour. I love it!

Resize of Resize of P1040034  Resize of Resize of P1040036

Everybody was happy 🙂                “Aku Cinta Masakan Indonesia” means I love Indonesian food 🙂

Resize of Resize of P1040040

Mount Merbabu. It is close. I saw it on the road when I was walking from Major and Karen Treadway’s house to MCC office. All MCC people have hiked it, but i haven’t. I think i will do it someday 🙂


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