What A Pain!


Today’s travel was really a pain! Now I realize how miserabble it is to travel alone.

I woke up at 4.20 Am and got to the LA Airport about 25 minutes later. and it was crowded, long lines. Annette gave me two quick hugs (I know she doesn’t like goodbyes). I could see it in her eyes that she was a little bit sad.

She just left me right away after hugs. I came in to the lines. One officer said i need to print my boarding pass first before i stand in line. Just swipe your passport and put in some information she said. Ok, I tried to sweep my passport, but it was in the wrong place. Then i tried it in the right place but it turned out that i did it to the wrong direction. It’s supposed to be from left to right but i did it from right to left. and i did it many times, how silly is that! I just laugh at myself. After all the travel i did, i still got new experiences.

I am glad that the officer helped me. Otherwise it would take me a long time to do it. My suitcase is also a pain, it doesn’t want to follow me where i want to direct it and it keep tip over. Finally i just carry those two suitcases to the screening. Then i kept moving on to the security check, looking at the time, grap a little breakfast and just right on time for boarding the plane. Phiuf…what a way to start a day!

Three hours in the plane, i could not get good sleep. instead I watched Monters VS Aliens. At least i got some intertainment. and the seat beside me was empty. It was good.

Arrived in St.Louis airport, i tried to get some lunch. i couldn’t believe that there isn’t any single McDonald inside that airport! But there are a lot of Starbucks in every corner. everything is expensive in airport. Finally i found a chinese food place to eat and got in time to aboard again.

After flying some hours in small aeroplane, i arrived in Philadelphia Airport, getting my checked bag. I was so confused. I was supposed to meet Seung Hwa who were arriving from Chicago through United airlanes. I couldn’t find her. I asked information desk, it turned out that united airlanes arrives in terminal D and i was in terminal A (American Airlanes). My gosh! and the time was running. So i called MCC office to find out what to do. they said they were looking for me, i just need to stay where i was. Ok, so I stepped out the door to wait outside on the curbs so they can see me. I was wrong. I waited for 45 minutes, nobody came. I called again. They asked me where i was. I said “I am here in terminal A, waiting outside in the curbs” Oh and they said that i need to wait inside in the bagage claim area and i need to wait another hour. My goodness!

So i waited one more hour, finally someone came with MCC sign. I was so releived. but then she said she need to find two more people (SALTers from Ethiopia) who were coming in also from another terminal. so i decided i just wait in the same area where i was.

After waiting three hours in Philadelphia airport, finally i got into the car. and still it needs 1 hour and 30 minutes to get to Akron.

I had a picture of my bags, but i can’t upload it, i use a computer with an old PC, i can’t see the hole to plug in the cord and to tired to look for it.

I didn’t find it so fancy meeting all of my friends again here. or maybe because i am too tired. i miss my room in Newton. After staying there all these months, i really want just go home and rest in my room in Newton since i am so tired and don’t want to really meet many people. but now i am worried about my social situation if i keep thinking that way.

oh…so overwhelming…. just make me want to cry…

I stopped by at one house here in MCC welcoming place and said hi to Aron Chapel-Deckert (hope i don’t spell it wrong). i didn’t meet Jen though because she is putting the kids to sleep.  I am glad to see a familiar face from Newton. 

Oh…what a tiring day and travel. I think i had enough with it. Hope i could get some good sleep tonight since we have to leave at 7 tomorrow. and again tomorrow sitting in the bus for 8 hours….oh….. i just want to end this.


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  1. yes!!!! aaron and jen and kids are there! i never put all the dates together to realize you’d be there at the same time.

    oh, i hope the kids can see you too.

    vilia, you inspire me!

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