A Good Friend


Annette is a good friend. We talked a lot today. Since she was in SALT program a few years ago, She knows exactly what i feel right now. It was hard for her too, especially after she got back here. She said i need to focus. She also said this program is good, it’s not a waste at all. and one thing she reminded me about is that I don’t feel this kind of feeling so often, it’s just rare feeling. saying hello then goodbye, hello again then goodbye again, oh….so much stuff… She said “just enjoy it day by day because you can’t repeat it again. This opportunity being in IVEP won’t happen again. just enjoy it.” it’s easy to say but hard to do.

But I feel better and lighter now, after reading some emails and talking to Annette. I have to deal with this anyway. now i just want to get it done. Get home in Indonesia and find the best job i can get and planning ahead.

I learn a lot from this ex[erience. Learning to be flexible, ajustable, enjoying the time, and doing the best i can.

I can’t wait to start my new step of life and i will say “I made it” 🙂


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