I Love My Job!


On the first week of school, back in early August, I asked my students what I can do to help them to be successful in 6th grade.  There are various answers and this has to be my favorite! Ha!


And after a few weeks of teaching the 6th graders, here is what I got:

Best Teacher

I wonder if this student will still say the same thing by the end of the year 😉

This encourages me a lot.  Being loved by students is one of the immeasurable rewards of being a teacher.

And yes, I do love my job! 😉

Support my ministry, please.


I am a missionary teacher.

The school where I work had a name changed this summer.  We went from Sun Valley Indian School into Native American Christian Academy (NACA).

NACA is a non-profit organization that provides quality Christian education to Native American students.

Our mission is to educate and disciple students for Christ.

The staff and teachers in NACA are “giving their life away” to minister to these students.

Our students come from reservations with different family backgrounds.  They need love.  They need education.  They need discipleship. Our goal is to bring them to salvation through Christ.

As NACA is run by donations only, we sometime have to get through hard times when our fund goes so low.  But, we believe in amazing God who provides.

If you feel God moves you to support our ministry, please visit our website:


You can support us by donations through:


It doesn’t matter how small your donation is.  Just remember, when you donate your money, you are donating to the “soul business”.

“The only thing that you can take to heaven is other people!” (Pastor Todd Clark)


6th Grade!!!


My summer has gone just like that and tomorrow is first day of school in Native American Christian Academy!

I am teaching 6th grader this academic year.  A new adventure!

Preparing my own class is such an exciting and tiring thing.  I get to decorate my own classroom!

Friends at school asked me if I am ready for the first day of school.  Well, I think I will never be ready.  But ready or not, the students are already here and off we will go for the new academic year tomorrow….

Expect a colorful academic year with Ms. Pamungkas!


Get ready for a great school year with Jesus as the core!


And here is my favorite corner in the class!

Reading corner

Loving this book:

Planner book

If you read this post, I exhort you to join me in prayer as the new academic year is going to take off very soon…tomorrow indeed.

Our school verse for this academic year is Ephesians 5:11 ~ Do not participate in the fruitless works of darkness, but instead expose them.

I have 4 precious students in 6th grade for now, 2 boys and 2 girls.  Can’t wait to give them a colorful year ahead 🙂

The Field Trip


I want to come back to Grand Canyon one day without having the responsibility of chaperoning my students hee hee hee….

It is an awesome place to visit.  Shouting how great is our God!

You can click on each picture to see it in the bigger frame 🙂


The glorious 7th and 8th graders 😉 my two special boys are the one wearing the grey jacket (the shortest one) and the one wearing purple jacket who was posing in front of the group.  You can tell their personalities by looking at this picture I guess 😀


I love this picture above so much.  It was like a painting behind us.  It was just amazing seeing it in person.  And this was the whole group of our field trip.  The man beside me is Mr. Principal and the lady next to me is my partner, the 8th grade teacher.

3 4 5 6 7 And they spelled the word “Navajo” wrong.

8 9 10 11 12 13 14


I love this picture above too with the sunlight went through the clouds.  It was cloudy that day.  It was pretty.

16 17 18

These three pictures were taken from different spots of the south rim of the Grand Canyon.

“I lift up my eyes to the mountains—
    where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord,
    the Maker of heaven and earth.”

(Psalm 121:1-2)

Spring Break!


Ok, our school spring break is quite late.  We had it last week.  Much needed break for me.

Most of the staff were gone vacationing, but a few stayed on campus including me.  I didn’t want to go spending the nights at somewhere else this break, so I decided to just have the rest I wanted.  I enjoyed my break, sleeping in, watching Korean dramas, movies, etc. hahaha

One of the staff, Kim Miller, broke her ankle a few weeks ago and she has to walk on crutches.  She is the principal’s mom who was asked to teach grade 6.  It’s a long story how she ended up here these months.  In short, she was left behind because of her broken ankle.  So sad, because she really wanted to go vacationing with her son’s family.

Anyway, she is a very energetic and enthusiastic person (reminds me of someone I know dearly).  She asked me what my plans were.  She lives in the apt across mine.  And she has a van, but she can’t drive yet.  She said I can drive her van and she would tag along wherever I wanted to go.  Aha!  It took me a while to take courage to drive a van!  But I did. We decided to go to the Meteor Crater along the way on I-40.  It’s about 1 hour drive from the school.  It was an adventure to drive a van on the interstate for the first time on a very windy day and it’s not even my van, ha!

We enjoyed our visit in the Meteor Crater.  Here are some pictures.

crater-2 crater-3 crater-4 crater-5 crater-6 crater-7 crater-8 crater-9 crater-10 crater-11

The next day, we went to Petrified Forest National Park.  This time we went with Gail, the nurse, and her son, Ethan who happens to be my student.  The entrance of the Petrified Forest is not far from the school.  I enjoyed this place too.  I am amazed on how wide the desert is, the painted desert.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25

I also learned about the remains of Native American culture around the National Park.

While I am in Arizona, I am determined to visit places I have never visited before.  Two places down, more to go.

This Friday, the 7th and 8th graders are going to a field trip to the Grand Canyon.  I am excited planning this trip and going.  It’s an awesome way to visit the Grand Canyon, all free since it’s a school field trip. Praise the Lord!

Hoppy Easter!


On special request, sending the rabbit out….. 😉

1 2

These two are the same rabbit


I don’t really know what this is on the third picture here, I guess it is a huge rabbit!

There are rabbits all around the campus.  I guess our campus is animal friendly except for dogs and cats, hahaha….No dogs allowed on campus.  But we have chickens, sheep, goats, and a llama 🙂

Happy Easter!


The night before the last day of school this week, I had that last minute idea to give my students Easter card. So, here they are


Of course some treats won’t hurt 🙂

Surprisingly on Friday, they gave me something. Special enough to make my heart melt. I love my students no matter how challenging they can be.



Remembering the meaning of Easter.

Happy Easter, everyone! 🙂



So, the girls in my class want to learn my language, Bahasa Indonesia.
How cool is that? I didn’t provoke them. It was their own initiative. They asked me to teach them Bahasa after school.  And they were enthusiastic about it.


I thought it is an awesome thing.  I’ll see how it goes next week whether they are still eager about it or not.

Not only this, they are more open to me now.
I love my students more and more 🙂



The school has a program called Work and Witness.

The program is inviting groups (usually churches or other Christian schools) to come to SVIS and help the school finishing some projects.

There are a lot of Work and Witness teams coming and going every year.  They usually spend a week in our school.

This week we have a team from a Christian School in Hawaii.  The team brings students to help us finishing some projects at school.

The Hawaiian team is so sweet.  Before they came, they asked us if we could Skype so that the students won’t feel awkward when they interact.  So, we did Skype using my account.

As the team is leaving tomorrow morning, tonight the team gave us “souvenirs” unexpectedly.  I am blessed.

I have been wanting to have a lunch bag (hot/cold bag), but never bought one.  Now I got one and it is from Hawaii!  How cool is that!  And I won’t resist trying Hawaiian coffee! 🙂 And Hawaiian chocolate…. I won’t say no to that! I am thankful.


Report Cards


It has been 7 years since I wrote report cards for my “own” students!

This week is report card week and parent-teacher conference week!

Report Card

My first Parent-Teacher Conference in the United States! Wow….

A mixed feeling….nervous…excited….

I pray that all of my parents will come and meet me….I am looking forward to talk with them and get to know them in person.

I will have PTC this Friday.

Please pray for me 🙂